Friday, 1 April 2016

Foundation Repair Can Be A Necessary Event

Thinking about foundation repair is not ordinarily in the thoughts of most people, that is until they suddenly discover cracks in their walls and ceilings and that their windows and doors don't open and close correctly.

If that occurs, a foundation repair Austin Texas should be contacted and asked to come and take a look. If it is found that there is an issue, the procedure will be to dig an excavation under the foundation at the location of the problem, and shore up the foundation with steel or concrete piers. The piers will be anchored to bedrock below, or poured concrete set in place to provide support.

The piers can then be jack up the foundation to the original position that it once was located. There may be the need for additional piers, depending upon the state of the damage to the surrounding areas of the foundation.

Poor soil conditions is usually the culprit that is causing the issue, as erosion, sandy soil or clay soil that contracts and expands as moisture content changes. Once measures are taken to rectify the overall support structure of the foundation and strengthen it, the integrity of the foundation is even stronger than before.

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